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Booking your car in for an auto electrical service is important because a number of your vehicle's vital components are electrical. Batteries, lights, alternators, and motors all rely on the proper flow of electricity, which can be impeded by wear and tear over time. Therefore, electrical maintenance is a great way to keep your car functioning and free of unsafe consequences.


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Your car's electrical system could become affected by issues ranging from broken wiring, which can be difficult to diagnose, to a simple broken fuse, which can be fixed quickly. Proper electrical maintenance can help to prevent such occurrences.

There are some warning signs that you should be aware of. Things to look out for include dimming or pulsating light coming from your headlights (which could signify a problem with the voltage regulator), growling/whining noises (which could be due to an issue with the alternator belt), clicking noises when turning the ignition (which could be caused by a problem with the starter motor), or the smell of burning rubber.

If you witness any of these symptoms get in touch with Kinnane's Car Clinic as quickly as possible to book an auto electrical service.

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