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If your car has delayed acceleration, sounds rough at idle or has trouble starting then you probably have a problem with your fuel injection system. Bring your car into Kinnane's Car Clinic at 13 Pound St in Ipswich West and we'll have the problem diagnosed and fixed asap.


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Our fuel injection service includes;

  • Inspection of various parts
  • Repairs where possible
  • Replacements where required
  • Cleaning where required


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Here are some common EFI problems and their possible causes;

  • The car won't start - often a problem with your ECU (engine control unit) or fuel pump. The ECU runs the whole show so if there's a problem somewhere or in the ECU itself it will probably shut the car down. Your fuel pump brings the fuel from the tank to the engine, if there's a problem and no fuel is making it through then obviously your car won't work.
  • Poor or low performance - could be a problem with your fuel injectors such as leaking seals, or a broken, clogged or fault fuel filter leading to impurities getting into your engine.
  • Rough idle - again, likely a problem with your fuel filter. It may need to be cleaned, repaired or replaced.


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