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Our customers keep coming back to us for our expertise and knowledge, great customer service and value for money and our Wheel Alignment services are no exception.

Your wheels can become misaligned over time or after an incident such as hitting the curb or a small prang. The typical sign is where the car pulls to one side when you're going straight.


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Some of the results of poor wheel alignment if left unattended include;

  • Unsafe handling
  • Unsafe driving
  • Erratic movement to one side
  • Irregular tire wear
  • Inconsistent mileage


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You probably have never even considered something like your automobiles "camber" before. However if your camber is off its mark this could be a sure sign of some wheel alignment melee. Your camber maintains angles between the vertical axis of the wheels when the car is steering. Camber also impacts vertical axis when your car is being viewed from the rear or from the front. Your camber is out of whack when your tyres are leaning or pulling to one side when you're driving. In an ideal world your tyres would maintain optimal contact with the road and your turning and driving would be safe. When your camber is out of order all of the sudden your tread wear will begin to form irregularly. If you're hoping to solve this you should get an inspection and have your car run through the wheel alignment machine.

To keep a safe vehicle, when your car begins tugging or favouring one side, book it in at our workshop and take a load off your mind.


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